Organising Partners

Mme Agnes Kabore
Chair, African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
Mr. Gezahegn Kebede

Regional Director, Southern and Eastern Africa, Plan International
Ms. Petronella Murowe

The Opportunities and Challenges of Child Budget work in the SADC Region
Mr. Sulemana Abdulai
Budget Advocacy for Youth
Ms. Enakshi Ganguly

Budgeting for Children: The Asian Experience
Mrs. Paola Renata Pereznieto

Budgeting in an Uncertain World : Reckoning with Economic and Financial Crisis
Ms. Sarah Hague

Exploring Crisis Response Policies through Macro-Micro Simulations
Mr. Isa Achoba & Mr. Godfrey Ndenge

Working with Governments: The Tools and Roles of Budget Observations
Mr. George Laryea-Adjei

Cross-cutting Work in the Social Sectors : an Expenditure Tracking Survey of Early Childhood Development Programmes in South Africa
Prof. Jeanne Flavin

Budget Allocations for Addressing Family Violence

Mr. Yehualashet Mekonen

Gender Responsive Budgeting for Children
Ms. Beatrice Ogutu

Investing in Child Protection
Mr. Emmanuel Nnadozie

Investment in Children: The Role of International Cooperation and NEPAD
Mr. Aboubacry Tall

Holding the State Accountable : ensuring Equity and Inclusion
Prof. Stephen Peterson

Rethinking the Millennium Development Goals for Africa