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Conference Programme

The conference programme will be wholly plenary to ensure a common and shared platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences and for a lively debate. The sessions will include keynote speeches by Political leaders, world authorities on child wellbeing and economic policy, as well as panel discussions on themes that are better addressed within an interdisciplinary or comparative framework. The provisional programme includes:

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Opening Session:

Opening Session
Opening Statements
Launch of the African Report on Child Wellbeing 2011

Session I:

Budgeting for Children : A Priority for Africa

Session II:

Budgeting for Children: World Experience

Session III:

Advancing Child Rights through social Budget Work

Session IV:

Going Beyond the Big Picture: Ensuring Equity and Inclusion

Session V:

Budgets, the World Economy and International Cooperation

Session VI:

Towards a Framework of Policy and Advocacy

Session VII:

Budgeting for Children: What Next?

Session VIII:

Closing Statement - Dr. Assefa Bequele, Distinguished Fellow -ACPF