Organising Partners

Conference Publications

The conference will be informed by a rich, varied and solid body of studies, publications and papers specifically prepared for the conference. These would include two basic documents prepared by ACPF:

  • The African Report on Child Wellbeing 2011: Budgeting for Children
  • Parallel Publications to the African Report on Child Wellbeing 2011: A report on gender issues and public policy thatĀ  highlights the questions and gaps that need to be addressed to ensure that public sector budgets promote equity between girls and boys, and women and men in Africa.

The proceedings of the conference will come out in the form of a Conference Report. This would be supplemented with

  • a book on Budgeting for Children containing selected papers presented at the conference and
  • an advisory, hands-onĀ  document - Budgeting for Children: A Framework for Policy and Advocacy which can be used as a tool by experts and practitioners in both government and civil society.